Beautiful hair always attracts attention. We, as if hypnotized, may watch shampoo commercials on TV, even without noticing the face of a model. All attention is on her hair ... Splendid and shiny hair is what every girl dreams about. 

In pursuit of our dream, we spend a fortune on expensive shampoos, masks, balms, oils. We try the latest miraculous remedies, which promise to solve the problems of brittle, dry hair and split ends. But most often the results are quite disappointing. Either there is no effect at all, or the effect is so small, that it cannot correlate with the amount we have spent. 

So what is the mistake? How to maintain your hair healthy, shiny and silky? Let's figure it out together!


Have you ever seen a hair under a microscope? It resembles a rod (cortex), which is covered with small scales (cuticle). To make hair smooth and shiny, the cuticle layer must hug the cortex very tightly. That's the whole secret of healthy hair. If the hair structure was damaged, it can still be remedied. But do not expect miracles relying solely on cosmetic products, even if it is expensive professional shampoos, masks and other beauty treatments that your stylist recommends.


Trichologists give very specific recommendations for healthy hair: develop healthy eating habits, exclude spicy, fried and salty foods from your diet, eat enough foods that contain vitamins and minerals. In addition to maintaining a healthy diet, proper hair care is also essential. Meanwhile, proper hair care is not just about buying a beautiful tube with some cosmetic product. Beautiful hair requires a whole ritual. Believe us, this ritual is something very pleasant, helpful and long-awaited. And there are even more benefits apart from healthy hair as well. But we'll talk about this later.


It is very important to pick the right hair care products. There is no universal solution here: it all depends on your hair type, whether it is dyed or natural, light or dark, and many other factors.

Be sure to use products with good moisturizing effect. If your hair lacks moisture, it will become brittle and dull. By the way, silk protein is a great moisturizer, and it is an ingredient of many professional shampoos, balms and masks. 

For centuries silk has been known for its regenerating, moisturizing and healing properties. Actually, it can be used not only as an ingredient in cosmetics, but also in its natural form. For example, you can order silk pillowcases or silk hair ties.


Silk pillowcases are a real boon for beautiful hair. They are resistant to bacteria and, unlike many natural fabrics, do not absorb dust. The fabric is ideal for allergy sufferers and for those, whose skin is prone to breakouts and dandruff. 

Natural silk contains amino acids that boost metabolism of skin cells. While you are asleep, your hair receives nourishment and restoration it needs. By the way, in the morning your hair styling will look great, because silk does not accumulate static energy. This means you can forget about fluffy and naughty curls, enjoying perfectly smooth strands every morning. 

Silk is a breathable and environmentally friendly fabric. It does not absorb moisture that the skin and hair needs, on the contrary, it can moisturize dry hair, nourish it and provide it with vital energy. Silk pillowcases are recommended against split ends.


Another secret tool for getting perfect hair. For sure you have heard it many times from your master that tying your hair too tightly can be harmful. But how can you do without hairpins at all?! Soft velvet ones are often a hotbed for bacteria and microbes.

Here comes another benefit of silk. A large number of accessories are made from this material, including stylish hair ties. They act as an excellent preventive measure against split ends, it does not cause any discomfort, does not overtighten or break the hair. All it brings is comfort and enveloping coolness of natural silk.

You remember we talked about the benefits you can get if you treat your hair with the right care? Here are the last secrets.

The development of healthy eating habits and a balanced diet with enough vitamins will secure excellent health, stamina and body toning.

Silk pillowcases are incredibly beneficial for facial skin and can provide you with incomparable relaxation. In the morning, you will be delighted with not only your hair beauty, but also with how your skin looks and feels. No creases, breakouts or swelling.

More details about the benefits of silk for facial skin as well as how to choose pillowcases you can find in our blog article: "WHY SLEEPING ON SILK IS NOT JUST PLEASANT, BUT HEALTHY?"

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