Silk was invented in China over 5,000 years ago. Many centuries have passed since those times when the process of silk manufacturing was shrouded in mystery. Today silk is still associated with some mystery. 

It is credited with healing, medicinal and anti-aging properties. Silk lingerie, pajamas and accessories are rightfully considered the most seductive and mysterious clothes in women's wardrobe, and rightly so! Below we will tell you in detail about one of the types of premium silk - Mulberry. Elegant, luxurious and attractive.


Mulberry is a natural silk. It is produced from cocoons of silkworms cultivated on special farms. It is a unique example of an advantage of selective silk over the wild one. There are all necessary conditions provided on the farm. Caterpillars are kept in optimal humidity and temperature, they are fed only with mulberry leaves, no chemical treatment is used during the process.

Mulberry silk is a purely handmade product. It is unique, has no analogues, and the process of its production is a whole ritual. This ritual has remained virtually unchanged over the centuries.


Farmers sort out cocoons, soak them in hot water and carefully unwind so that the integrity of the thread is not lost. The threads are washed, pulled on a special device, and left to dry. A completely natural way of silk production allows to preserve all its natural properties. After that, the threads are carefully removed and sent to weaving factories.

Unique Feature 

This type of silk is produced by two silkworms. The silkworms begin to weave a cocoon at the same time. As a result, the threads become entangled. Such a unique way of weaving allows to secure high quality and strength of the extracted material.


The composition of the fiber is very similar to human hair. The fabric does not irritate even the most sensitive and delicate skin prone to allergies. It can even help in healing dermatitis, psoriasis and other skin diseases.
Have you heard about the healing properties of silk? Back in ancient China silk was well-known for its healing properties, but now all the facts are scientifically proven. For example, silk proteins retain moisture by draining excess fluid from the body. Silk proteins are capable of retaining up to seven times more moisture than any known moisturizers. For this reason, silk is widely used in the cosmetic industry.
Natural silk can boost metabolism, tissue regeneration processes, and can facilitate body rejuvenation. And it's not magic, it is explained by the fact that the fibers contain amino acids useful and necessary for our body, which are responsible for these processes. The fabric "breathes", which prevents greenhouse effect and growth of pathogenic bacteria.

When it comes to bedclothes, you can forget about house dust mites and other parasites. They cannot exist in such pillowcases and sheets. When it is hot outside, silk can feel pleasantly cool, when it is cold it will cover you with warmth. It is an ideal option for those who want to feel comfortable in any situation.

Silk bedclothes are recommended for people who suffer from insomnia, joint pain and poor circulation. Mulberry silk has a unique color. It is light beige with pearl shimmer and matte sheen. The material can be of almost any color, which provides for endless possibilities in product design. Over time, the fabric does not lose its beauty and elegance. It is easy to recognize this silk by its characteristic shade. You will fall in love with this premium material at first sight.


The Mulberry type is used for sewing pajamas, sleeping accessories, bedclothes, pillows and blankets, clothing and lingerie. Due to its smooth and soft material it is incredibly pleasant to skin. Purchase of any of these products, can be a pleasant treat for yourself or a great gift for your beloved one. 

Mulberry is one of the most expensive types of silk. The products of this silk cannot have a low price, because of the exclusive handmade production process preceded by careful selection. Wherever you make a purchase, let it be China, Russia or Europe, a low price most often indicates the presence of synthetic additives in the composition. And in this case, this material has nothing to do with Mulberry silk. To be fair, we cannot help mentioning that a high price is fully justified. With proper care, the products can be incredibly pleasant and beneficial. Although the material might seem very light and airy, it is actually very strong and durable. It can serve you faithfully for up to 20 years without losing its original qualities and aesthetics.


Choose a store carefully. The best option is a seller who specializes in premium silk goods, has been on a market for several years and has positive reviews.

All products presented in our store are produced only from Mulberry silk. Such products are not only for luxury, beauty and comfort. Primarily, it is care about your health, which is given to you by nature itself. There are simply no other materials with similar properties in the whole world. So far, the industry has not been able to create an artificial analogue. And why would we need it. After all, we already have the best products here!

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