Night is a time for sleep and rest. And something else! You might have thought about something different, but we would like to talk about the restoration of skin, hair and body. Many innovations in cosmetology are taking place in this direction. There is a great variety of nighttime face and body skin restoration products.

On average, we spend at least seven hours sleeping every day. Let’s make the most of this time! We just need to help our body and to provide all the necessary conditions. It turned out that to do this, you do not need loads of new masks, creams and serums. It is enough to have just one ... pillowcase. Sounds intriguing? Let's delve into details.


Not every pillowcase can have a positive effect on the skin. Experts recommend giving preference to natural fabrics. Many of them have quite a rough structure, which can leave sleep lines on the face. Although it might not be a big deal for young skin, for people aged 40 and above rough structure of fabric can even reduce the body toning. But we have a solution! Opt for silk instead of cotton bedclothes. The sooner you do this, the better for your skin.


Silk is a perfectly smooth material. It has long been known for its hypoallergenic properties. Silk pillowcases are perfect for people whose skin is prone to breakouts and irritation. If you suffer from insomnia, you should also consider favoring silk. You will enjoy the lightness and coolness of natural material, and you will comfortably feel yourself in the arms of Morpheus. Another point that is worth highlighting is its antibacterial properties. The structure of silk fabric prevents bacteria, microbes and harmful microorganisms from multiplying.

Although it seems to be fragile, silk is a very durable material. If you follow the manufacturer's recommendations, the product will serve you more than 10-15 years. Of course, it applies only to high-quality pillowcases made of natural material, synthetic analogues are not the case here.

What benefits can a silk pillowcase bring you? Here are just a few points:

  • Prevention of wrinkles. If you sleep on a silk pillowcase, you will not have any sleep lines in the morning. But there’s more. Silk does not absorb any cosmetics that you carefully applied to your face in the evening. On the contrary, your cosmetics will become even more efficient and will provide a wow effect to your skin. In the morning you will look fresh, without creases in your forehead and cheeks. Due to its smooth fabric, silk pillow polishes your face skin without scratching it, and allows your face to glide gently over the surface of the pillow. All this can help to prevent new wrinkles. But, unfortunately, it won't help you get rid of the existing ones. Therefore, the sooner you start using silk products, the better.
  • Fighting acne and breakouts. While silk cannot fight new wrinkles, it can be incredibly effective fighting acne. Silk is used for medicinal purposes. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it can be used not just as a treatment against acne, but also against more serious diseases, such as psoriasis or atopic dermatitis. Of course, to achieve the desired effect it is also necessary to meet all the requirements. For example, it is necessary to thoroughly cleanse your face skin before going to bed and change your pillowcase once a week.
  • Perfect moisturizing. Silk composition contains 18 amino acids, the structure of the fabric is similar to a human hair. The material is able to remove excess moisture from the cells, but it never takes the necessary fluid. With silk, it is easy to keep the natural moisture of your hair and skin, maintain them in optimal balance and always look fresh and rested.
  • Healthy hair. Girls who like perfect styling will also appreciate silk pillowcases. In the morning hair will be less fluffy and styling will last longer. After washing, your hair will become oily less quickly. It is also said that silk pillowcases can help to get rid of split ends. However, this only works for healthy hair. If you already have a problem, silk will not be able to restore the hair structure. But it can easily prevent split ends after you visit your hairdresser!
  • Complete relaxation and tranquility. Having trouble relaxing before going to bed? Many people face this problem. The fabric is incredibly pleasant to skin. It keeps you cool throughout the night, absorbs moisture if you sweat, providing as much comfort as possible, while you are asleep. Silk pillowcases will give you the feeling of absolute relaxation and will help you completely relax even after the craziest day.

When buying a product, it is important to remember: all of the above applies only to pillowcases made from natural silk, and not from its synthetic analogue. The manufacturers have managed to produce an artificial material that might look like the natural one. But except for the appearance, artificial material is absolutely different. A synthetic analogue at best will not harm, not to mention bringing any benefits.

If you want to ensure a comfortable and healthy sleep, choose pillowcases that are made from premium Mullberry silk. This is a unique natural material that has all of the abovementioned properties. You can find pillowcases made of this type of silk in our catalog.

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